Violent Thoughts

by Face Rot

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released May 6, 2013

Recorded by Rats Nest Productions



all rights reserved


Face Rot Ohio

We are a 3 piece blackened grindcore band with noise and doom influences from Ashtabula Ohio our music is free and if you want to find out about anything or talk to us about booking just message us on facebook or email us at

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Track Name: Violent Thoughts
society is a fucking joke
you're all a bunch of fakes
I wanna see all you choke
with my hands around your throat
I will smash your skull
I will break your face
from the bottom of my heart
Fuck you all
Track Name: Thrash
I just wanna fucking Thrash,
Circle pit to stomp some ass,
I just wanna fucking thrash,
Got no time to be calm and rash,
I just wanna fucking thrash,
I can't move to poppy trash,
I just wanna fucking thrash,
Outta my way I'm living fast
Track Name: Creepy Crawl
Cut through the back yard
Cut through the phone line
Cut through the bone
Healter skelter is coming down
Carved and x in my head
Do it for the family
Kill everyone inside
Spread there blood on the walls

Creepy Crawl
Track Name: American Filth
I don't want to live in your American filth
Track Name: Grave Birth
Into the coffin I was born
Sacrificed upon the alter
Into the doom I was thrown
The tomb was my crib

Grave Birth

From the cunt I was ripped
Into the hellfire I was thrown
Sacrificed to the hellfire
Levithan waits for me

Grave Birth
Track Name: You're Fucking Dead
Now you're Fucking Dead
Track Name: God is Dead
Heaven is foreclosed
And god is fucking dead
Track Name: Kill The Police
Fucking pig in the street
Flashing your badge at me
Don't you know your dead meat
Tonight you're the one getting beat

Kill the police

Your blue uniform turns red
Now that I have left you for dead
True justice has been served
Now that you got what you deserved

Kill the police
Track Name: Hell
My mind is a prison cell
In the darkest corner of hell
It is something I would like to give
I would like to give to all of you

Hell is real
It resides
In the mind
Of mankind
Track Name: Welcome To reality
Welcome to the american nightmare
Now that you have been murdered in cold blood
Your baby was butchered in the womb
Now you see reality

Welcome to reality
Hope you like what you see