Ritual of Death

by Face Rot

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Crown of Viserys
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Crown of Viserys Ohio’s Face Rot once again release a short little burst of their lo-fi brutality on an unsuspecting world, and I’d say it’s a winner.

Full Review: wp.me/p4BAtE-57 Favorite track: Sacrificed (Pt.II).
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released August 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Face Rot Ohio

We are a 3 piece blackened grindcore band with noise and doom influences from Ashtabula Ohio our music is free and if you want to find out about anything or talk to us about booking just message us on facebook or email us at face_rot@yahoo.com

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Track Name: Sacrificed (Pt.I)
You are sacraficed to the knife
Tonight night i end your life
Throat slashed open wide
We'll send you on a hell ride
Lost your life at midnight
Its a satanic sacrafice
We abducted you, drug you here
Took your blood and your life

Throat slashed
The blood
We drink
We pay
Our dues
To satan
And you die
Track Name: Thorns of Sulfur
Jesus is not on a throne in the sky
He is burning alive deep in hell
And you see for yourself cause you died
No need to pray heaven is burning in hell

The ritual is started
Your lord has fallen
It will be hell on earth
And heaven is below

The crown now made of sulfur
Jesus screams in agony
Flesh boiling and ripping
No one to save you now
Skin peeling back from bone
Burning upon a crucifix
Angels begging for mercy
Wings ripped halos burnt

The sky is empty now save your prayers
You too will soon experience the hell fire
There will be no more holy only filth and evil
The holy will burn alive the war has been won

Angels tortured
Wings are ripped
Thorns of sulfur
Now is the crown

Jesus reached the final gate
Suffered torture in hell fire
Jesus weeps forever more
Earth is next welcome to hell
Track Name: The Crows
Flesh is rotting,
Bones are cracking,
Life is fading,
As they circle overhead,

Constant cawing,
Dark in nature
Harbingers of death,

Without cause,
They do thy bidding,
Foreboding omen,
As they circle overhead,

Dove, and raven
Both released,
One returns,
Harbingers of death
Track Name: Legion
My name is legion, for I am many

Sulfur rains from the sky
As the people start to cry
Demons screeching above
Perished is peace and love

The ritual is almost complete
Feel the hell under my feet
Heaven has fallen from the sky
Satan finally takes the throne

The seas and oceans boil
Legion is making its way home
Your blood spills upon the soil
Throat cut down to bone
Crows and demons swarm
Legions of death in the sky
This why you had to die
Sacraficed for the world to die

Hell on earth is what we made
Legion escapes the abyss
Evil's victory sky is empty
Hear humanity scream in pain

Ritual of death near complete
Paper hearts hold the blood
Legion is coming tonight
Legion's will wilt be done
Track Name: Sacrificed (Pt.II)
Holding paper hearts on a chain
Bringing down the sulfur rain
Chanting in the graveyard
Hell is rising from the tomb

Sacraficed to our lord
Speaking in tongues
My eyes turn to black
The ritual is finally done
Your sacrificed daughter
Is bleeding on the altar
Hear humans scream
We fulfill our creed

Gathering of the crows
Tombstones are in rows
The fires begin to grow
We reap and we sow

Chanting out loud in tongues
The ritual is now finally done
We created hell on earth
No point in crying, it is done

Ritual of death is complete
Paper hearts are in flames
Your life slowly fades
As we reap our reward
Your corpse now decays
Hell unleashed on earth
Demons rape humanity
We destroyed human-kind

Heaven has fallen,hell has risen