Monolith of Decay

by Face Rot

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released October 12, 2013

A Rats Nest productions



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Face Rot Ohio

We are a 3 piece blackened grindcore band with noise and doom influences from Ashtabula Ohio our music is free and if you want to find out about anything or talk to us about booking just message us on facebook or email us at

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Track Name: Black Death
I am the plaque
Reaping the land
I am the infector
Die by my hand

I am the black death

Filling your lungs
Killing your young
Taking your breath
I am the black death

I am the black death
Track Name: Transylvanian Suicide
Was always the one to take a risk
Took a knife to my neck and wrist
Blew my brains out with a gun
Now my time has finally come

And under the freezing moon
The funeral fog comes to soon
Forever longed for eternal life
Now I have found eternal death

Pagan fears and a ghost past
For 20 years I have spent
Dead and now it is time
For my corpse to be laid in the coffin
Track Name: Eyes Of a Killer
I am a monster
The killer in the news
I am your worst nightmare
And I'm coming for you

I break in through the front window
Crawl into the living room
The air is as bleak as my mind
I enter the bedroom
I slash the fathers throat and hold a gun to moms head
Order her to call in the kids
She begs and pleads for her life
So I cut her with the knife
One by one the kids enter the room
Pull the trigger and mommys dead
Tie them down back to back
And I pour out the gasoline
The smell is intoxicating
I light the match and walk away
The stench of burnt human flesh
Is all you can smell
Track Name: Welcome To Disneyland
Prowling through your home
When you think you're all alone
Keeping the evil thought
Tonight your life will be lost

Swear on satan you wont scream

Spreading blood on the walls
666 is the satan call
Take your life with my hand
We'll see you in disneyland
Track Name: Hanged
Feel yourself slip through the crack
Falling and hoping for some slack
Feel the noose get tighter and tighter
As the rope bites into your neck

You choke as you feel your life run out
Hung by society upon a noose
Your breath runs out your neck breaks
Feel the noose and your life gone
Track Name: Monolith Of Decay
Bodies rotting, bones are cracking, blood begins to spill
Monolith of decay claiming lives to reach its fill
Sacrificial obelisk a landmark caused by time
Bringing forth the end of days, impossible to climb

The blood starts to pour
Sacrificial whore
Bring forth to me
Dark eternity

My eyes turn black
As I become possessed
By the monolith of decay